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' B E C O M E  Y O U R  B E S T  S E L F '


Amazing trainer! Has a great knowledge base in what he does. Locky will be a successful trainer one to watch in the industry

C L I E N T  T E S T I M O N I A L S 


 I have seen him help an array of people of vastly different ages, both genders & some with a collection of both medical & physical issues that a lot of trainers would not know how to help, let alone want to. This includes me. I have such faith in Locky that I have recently hired him as my PT & I know the sessions will be tough, uncompromising & absolutely fantastic, just the way I need them to be. I have recommended him to anyone who asks & will continue to do so as it is rare (& wonderful) to find a person that is so very good at a job they clearly love & who is also such a genuinely lovely person. My training, & well being, is now in some very good hands, & I am the better for it.

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